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FLAGSTACK is a free GPS-based treasure hunt game that is played simultaneously on two levels: Using the map of the app, you can discover virtual flags, badges and other items in your environment. Then you collect them in the real world, live and outside on the spot. Every day, every weekend or just from time to time. Just try it out! Simply right click on SIGN UP on the right, register and get started!





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About the game

FLAGSTACK is for everyone

You just want to try something new and you are looking for a game that is fun, challenging and not on the computer, but outside? As a gamer, have you tried many GPS games? You have fun hunting, solving riddles, searching and finding? Do you like hiking or going on an adventure tour with friends and family, in the city, in the countryside or in the woods? Do you like to play as a side activity when you are on go or when you walk your dog? Or you’re actually quite lazy and need a really good reason to get you outside? Then FLAGSTACK is just right for you!

FLAGSTACK is playable boundary-free

No matter how mobile you are and how you are traveling: FLAGSTACK is playable boundary-free for everyone. Thousands of flags are waiting for you to be captured everywhere in the world: on foot, by wheelchair, by bicycle, by car or by public transport. And where there are not enough flags yet, just deploy your own, exactly where you want them. Alone or in a team.

FLAGSTACK is principally free of charge

Apart from the cost of your mobile phone provider you can play as Flagstacks principally free of charge. If you would like to support us as a premium member, you can secure special flags, features and advantages for an annual contribution of 29.99 €. However, this is not a prerequisite for fun and success in the game.

Get started with FLAGSTACK: Here’s how
Turn on the GPS

For FLAGSTACK you always need an online connection so that you have access to the designed flags and items in the area. So firstly make sure to turn on the GPS on your phone or tablet!



You can either register directly via the app or via the FLAGSTACK webpage by clicking on SIGN UP at the top. We need your first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth and country. You also get to pick your player name and password.

Welcome Flags

The first time you launch the app, you will receive some personal welcome flags from us that are waiting for you for a period of time near your location. When you log in through the webpage, you will receive these welcome flags automatically when you start the app the first time. Go outside and make sure you have a strong GPS signal – and then start the app in a place where you frequent regularly, e.g. at home.

Your first capture

The map in the app shows you the flags near you. After selecting one they are surrounded by a red 50-m radius. A blue dot indicates your location and once the blue point is in the red radius, the target button lights up and you can capture the flag and your points are displayed.

Flagstack Support

We have prepared a detailed help menu for you, which you can call up either directly via the FLAGSTACK app, in the upper right via the HELP button or via the webpage of the game. In any case, we are here for you: write us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Simply load the FLAGSTACK app and receive a one month premium membership for free!

FLAGSTACK can be played alone or in a team

When you start with FLAGSTACK, you are on your own. You collect flags, badges and items and you will be credited for each capture point in your account. If other players collect flags that you have deployed, you will also receive points. This way you will achieve higher player-levels step-by-step. From Level 25 onwards, you can join a team and win prizes along with other FLAGSTACK players. And from Level 35 onwards together with a Premium membership, you can create your own team of three to five players.

FLAGSTACK is being played all over the world

FLAGSTACK is made in Germany and is currently being played in over 106 countries. You can join other flag hunters, exchange, participate in exciting events, become a member of a local community or a team, and search, capture and deploy flags.

FLAGSTACK Team Battle: All for one and one for all

With FLAGSTACK, teams of three to five players from level 25 onwards can participate in team battles where the aim is to find the team flag of their opponents and steal them. In addition, additional flags can be collected within a certain time frame in order to earn as many credits as possible. If your own flag is stolen, you are able to retrieve it, e.g. with help by members of friendly teams.

Your data security: These permissions are needed by the FLAGSTACK app

FLAGSTACK is a GPS-based game. Access to your location is necessary to be able to find the flags in your area and to deploy your own.


FLAGSTACK is a GPS-based game. Access to your location is necessary to be able to find the flags in your area and to deploy your own.


FLAGSTACK has virtual and physical flags. To collect physical flags, the Data Matrix Code must be scanned with the camera. The app requires access to the camera.

Online connection

The FLAGSTACK app requires an online connection, that is mobile data (we recommend 3G or higher) or Wi-Fi.


The granting of the above permissions is necessary for the game to function properly.

FLAGSTACK always has something going on! Register now and start!

Während der letzten 24 Stunden ausgelegte Flaggen:


Während der letzten 24 Stunden eingesammelte Flaggen:


Die 3 zuletzt ausgelegten Flaggen:

Green Flag • Deployed: 08.12.2022 • Captures: 0Pfaffenbrunnenweg 149, 63165 Dietesheim, Deutschland
Green Flag • Deployed: 08.12.2022 • Captures: 0Brüder-Grimm-Straße, 63450 Hanau, Deutschland
Green Flag • Deployed: 08.12.2022 • Captures: 0B 43a, 63457 Großauheim, Deutschland

Die 3 zuletzt eingesammelten Flaggen:

Piñata Challenge • Deployed: 08.12.2022 • Captures: 1
Green Flag • Deployed: 28.06.2018 • Captures: 9Pfaffenbrunnenweg 3, 63165 Mühlheim am Main, Deutschland
Friend Flag PLUS • Deployed: 03.12.2022 • Captures: 23

New flags every second – all over the world! #capturetheflag #flagstack

The upcoming 3 events:

13.12.2022 11:45 Newburgh Vonsol 1
16.12.2022 18:30 Wipperfürth Felix11 3
19.12.2022 19:00 Echt Sim1 3


Dieses Spiel hat viele tolle Ideen, es gibt viele Gründe, es zu spielen, aber der wichtigste von allen ist: Nur wer fleißig ist, wird hier etwas schaffen! Nicht der Geldbeutel entscheidet, aber nur durch konstante Leistung wird man hier in die Top 100 vorrücken. Klar ist, dass es jeder schaffen kann, wenn er nur will. Also spielt mit mir dieses wirklich gelungene Spiel und vielleicht werdet ihr eines Tages den Captain ablösen und die neue Nummer 1 werden.

Captain-Flag Hamburg

Ich mag an Flagstack die unkomplizierte Art des Sammelns, die ich zu Fuß, mit dem Rad, aber auch mit Bus und Bahn erledigen kann. Und ich mag, dass ich über die Website meine Erfolge sehen und neue Touren planen kann.

DasUmmi Potsdam

Ich hatte die Idee, einen Nighttrail im Taunus zu erstellen. Mail an den Support geschickt und das Go bekommen. Also wurde eine Route ausgesucht und die ersten Nightflags wurden deployed. Es fanden sich zwei Spieler, die einen Beta-Test der Route vorgenommen haben. Anschließend wurden die Flaggen noch optimiert und der “Feldberg Nighttrail” war geboren. Für mich ist FLAGSTACK ein sehr faszinierendes Spiel, welches mir viel Freude bereitet.

thwe16 Bad Vilbel

Nach dem Probe-Monat war ich so zufrieden, das ich mich schnell entschlossen habe, Premium-Mitglied zu werden, auch im Bewusstsein, damit einen Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung des Spiels zu leisten. Anders als bei „größeren“ Geo-Games hört man hier genau zu und versucht dann, Ideen aufzunehmen und umzusetzen. Über FLAGSTACK habe ich einige nette Leute in der ganzen Welt kennen gelernt, und das nicht nur digital, sondern direkt und persönlich.

asp_fan_cb Cottbus

FLAGSTACK verbindet die einfache Suche nach vielen unterschiedlichen Flaggentypen mit vielen kulturellen Highlights: eine Informationsreise durch unsere alte Bundeshauptstadt Bonn, ein Nighttrail durch den Taunus, “11 Städte durch die Niederlande” und viele weitere Aktionen, verteilt über alle Erdteile. Eine großartige Community – und alles in allem ein Outdoor-Game mit Suchtfaktor.

degeisi Gifhorn

Alone or in a team: FLAGSTACK is played all over the world!

Do you have any questions about the game? We are happy to help you!

FLAGSTACK puts a big emphasis on support. We just want you to have fun with our worldwide city-rural-outdoor adventure. If you are still thinking about whether the game is right for you, or if you have any questions, write us a message. We appreciate your feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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