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Welcome back, friend of the great Game! As a Flagstacker you know, the adventure is always waiting outside – at the front door, while jogging, walking your dog or on the way from here to there. Just log in to your account: Are there new flags near you? Has a team sent you an invitation? Or is today the day when you acquire another Local Area Badge? Come out! Join us! Reach your next goal!





More than 3 million flags worldwide await you! #capturetheflag


03.February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Can you feel it too? This tingly feeling in the tummy… Being head over heels in love… And some days there is already a sense of spring in the air… The sun tickles the first buds in the garden with its long rays. It’s about time…

Wait a minute – buds? Valentine’s Day? I remember something… Exactly right – there have to be flowers for my sweetheart! But where do I get them?
Tadaaa: we have the answer!
1) Preparation: Plant between 01.-13.02.2019 (0:00 – 23:59 h, time zone Europe / Berlin) at least 130 flowers (Green Flags, White Flags and Jumper Flags) to prepare yourself and the outstanding FLAGSTACK community for the harvest of these early flowering plants. Only after you have finished this preparation you will be rewarded with the first badge of this year’s Valentines trilogy! And only those who plant enough flowers will be able to pick flowers for the lovely next badge…
2) Valentine’s Day: Thousands of roses bloom miraculously on the FLAGSTACK map… On 14.02.2019 (0:00 – 23:59 h, time zone Europe / Berlin) you only need to pick up at least 14 Valentine roses and as our Valentine you will receive the second lovingly designed badge of this year’s Valentines trilogy! Congrats – in addition to extra points you also get extra credits for a badge for the first time! Yeah 🙂
3) Bonus: The colorful FLAGSTACK community has planted so many flowers – that’s enough for a huge bouquet! Well, leave your sofa between 14.-28.02.2019 (0:00 – 23:59 h, time zone Europe / Berlin)! Pick a colorful bouquet with at least 150 flowers and enjoy this spring welcome and the third badge of this year’s Valentines Trilogy!
You surely have no objection to a little outdoor fun if you can earn such unique awards, right?!
We wish you much love, fun and success with the upcoming challenges in February!

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Flags deployed within the last 24 hours:


Flags captured within the last 24 hours:


The 3 most recently deployed flags:

Green Flag • Deployed: 22.02.2019 • Captures: 0
Green Flag • Deployed: 22.02.2019 • Captures: 0
Green Flag • Deployed: 22.02.2019 • Captures: 0
The 3 most recently captured flags:

Jackson Eternal • Deployed: 24.12.2017 • Captures: 3189 E Jackson Rd, Webster Groves, MO 63119, USA
Eternal Wilmington from Tasmania by DTas • Deployed: 16.01.2019 • Captures: 27
Jumper Flag • Deployed: 17.01.2019 • Captures: 16Coypool Road, PL7 4NW Plymouth, United Kingdom

New flags every second – all over the world! #capturetheflag #flagstack

The upcoming 3 events:

23.02.2019 16:00 Dunedin firnsy 1
23.02.2019 15:30 Ellicott City DudleyGrunt 2
24.02.2019 11:00 Moonah DTas 4

Looking for new adventures? Do something different then! #flagstack

Create your own route

You have only deployed single flags? Then create a whole route – ideally one, which is not very easy to complete. This does not give as many capture-on points as a series of flags along the main roads, but it does create much more fun!

Try Commercial Tours

FLAGSTACK works regularly with companies, tourism associations and tailor-made regional tours, for example: the SALT TOUR in Magdeburg (DE) or the Path of Democracy through the former government district in Bonn (DE). How about a commercial tour?

Explore the dark side of power

You know for sure that there are Night Flags, which you can collect only after dark. But have you ever played at night? Try it out tonight!

Events? Conventions? Just go there!

Have you ever been to a bigger gamer event or convention? There are lots of exciting events – and just as many opportunities to get to know other FLAGSTACK players. Look at times in the event calendar in the app or in the members area on the web page. Or directly to this page: We are posting here all the events we personally participate in. Just drop by!

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