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Welcome back, friend of the great Game! As a Flagstacker you know, the adventure is always waiting outside – at the front door, while jogging, walking your dog or on the way from here to there. Just log in to your account: Are there new flags near you? Has a team sent you an invitation? Or is today the day when you acquire another Local Area Badge? Come out! Join us! Reach your next goal!

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19.09. 2020

Good day to you, FLAGHUNTER!

This year is very special. Somehow everything is different, because the worldwide pandemic has caused many cancellations of traditional and beloved events.

Among them is unfortunately the largest and most beautiful folk festival in the world – the Oktoberfest on the Wiesn in Munich (DE).

BUT… Just because the live event on site is cancelled for security reasons it doesn’t mean you have to miss it completely, dear FLAGHUNTER!

BECAUSE… FLAGSTACK offers you a great alternative plan for your personal Oktoberfest 2020 at your home!

SO… Stay at home and look forward to the new badges that you can reach at the Oktoberfest 2020 from 19.09. – 04.10.2020 (00:00 – 23:59, time zone FHQ / Europe / Berlin) at FLAGSTACK!

1) The small Wiesnzelt:
During the above opening hours, collect 187 Oktoberfest flags, which you can recognize by the special icon on the map (don’t worry, they are low in calories). As a reward you will receive 1,870 bonus points and 187 extra credits… As a special treat, it should be mentioned that you can achieve this badge multiple times

2) The big Wiesnzelt:
To get a place in the big Wiesnzelt is not that easy… AFTER you’ve celebrated in the small Wiesnzelt, you’ll take a look at the big Wiesnzelt. Deploy 87 Oktoberfest flags (White Flag, Oracle Flag, Jumper Flag, Eternal Flag, Premium Flag) and feel as strong as after the successful ringing of the bell at the “Hau den Lukas” (strongman game)! Imagine the cheers of the crowd when you see 870 bonus points and 870 extra credits being added to your account… If you are strong enough, you can reach this badge multiple times 🙂

The big Wiesnzelt also has the opening hours mentioned above…

3) The Ferris wheel:
Bigger, faster and higher up is possible with the Ferris wheel! You get a free ride after reaching the badges of the small and big Wiesnzelt and quickly capturing another 40 Oktoberfest flags! Come on, you get another 2,740 bonus points on top!

All right? Questions will be answered by the service staff of Team FLAGSTACK! Contact the FHQ or the volunteers of your choice. Contact details can be found below and here:

What’s left for us now is to shout a cheerful “Ozapft is”! We wish you a peaceful Wiesn and to stay as fit as a fiddle…

Best wishes


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Während der letzten 24 Stunden ausgelegte Flaggen:


Während der letzten 24 Stunden eingesammelte Flaggen:


Die 3 zuletzt ausgelegten Flaggen:

Green Flag • Deployed: 28.09.2020 • Captures: 0Piedmont Avenue 39, 24201 Bristol, United States of America
Green Flag • Deployed: 28.09.2020 • Captures: 0State Street 642, 37620 Bristol, United States of America
Green Flag • Deployed: 27.09.2020 • Captures: 0Volunteer Parkway, 37620 Bristol, United States of America

Die 3 zuletzt eingesammelten Flaggen:

Happy Oktoberfest und Halloween • Deployed: 23.09.2020 • Captures: 3Fairview Avenue, 63119 Webster Groves, United States of America
Happy Oktoberfest and Halloween • Deployed: 23.09.2020 • Captures: 2Tuxedo Boulevard, 63119 Webster Groves, United States of America
Green Flag • Deployed: 12.05.2020 • Captures: 1North Road 35, Dunedin City, New Zealand

New flags every second – all over the world! #capturetheflag #flagstack

The upcoming 3 events:

30.09.2020 08:00 Athol frf 1
01.10.2020 18:00 Columbia littleblkdog 1
02.10.2020 18:00 Greer Dlovegrove 2

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