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Welcome back, friend of the great Game! As a Flagstacker you know, the adventure is always waiting outside – at the front door, while jogging, walking your dog or on the way from here to there. Just log in to your account: Are there new flags near you? Has a team sent you an invitation? Or is today the day when you acquire another Local Area Badge? Come out! Join us! Reach your next goal!

More than 3 million flags worldwide await you! #capturetheflag


07.June 2019

FLAGSTACK Women World Cup: We don’t need balls…Ça va? Es-tu bien préparé pour la Coupe du Monde de Football? As you can see, we are perfectly prepared for the exciting upcoming weeks – because in France the FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place from 07.June – 07.July! The trainers take care of the national teams, and FLAGSTACK keeps you on your toes too…

Yes, you’re quite right: last year’s men’s World Cup was the warm-up for this tournament, so to speak. During the World Cup period (07.06.-07.07.2019, time zone FHQ Europe / Berlin) all jumpers jump around the world as soccer balls. Get on the soccer balls and kick as many as you can because you’re not just collecting for fun, but for different badge challenges!

Do you want to be a champion too? Take a look at the goals you have to achieve to reach the final:

  1. Can you get through the group phase?
    Collect at least 11 soccer jumpers. 11 players can do the same as 11 friends on the pitch! Badge bonus for you: 110 extra points
  2. Win in the round of 16 and collect at least 24 soccer jumpers.
    Because 24 national teams compete for the title of all titles! Badge bonus for you: 240 extra points
  3. Win in the quarter-finals and collect a total of at least 52 soccer jumpers.
    52 games during the World Cup show who has the best players and the better nerves to be the winner in the end. Badge bonus for you: 520 extra points
  4. Triumph in the semi-finals and collect a minimum of 77 soccer jumpers.
    A total of 77 yellow cards were shown in 1999! Badge bonus for you: 770 points
  5. 5. Grab the trophy in the final and collect a total of at least 91 soccer jumpers.
    Because in the year ’91 the 1st Women’s Football World Cup was held. Badge bonus for you: 10.000 extra points.

    Très bien, mettez vos chaussures et montez sur le terrain…. Oups: Okay, put on your shoes and get on the field…


    FLAGSTACK always has something going on! Log in now and start!

    Während der letzten 24 Stunden ausgelegte Flaggen:


    Während der letzten 24 Stunden eingesammelte Flaggen:


    Die 3 zuletzt ausgelegten Flaggen:

    Second Chance • Deployed: 25.06.2019 • Captures: 0
    Green Flag • Deployed: 25.06.2019 • Captures: 0Castlebar Road 34, 3145 Malvern East, Australia
    Strecke 6411 • Deployed: 25.06.2019 • Captures: 0Bahnhofstraße, 04519 Rackwitz, Deutschland
    Die 3 zuletzt eingesammelten Flaggen:

    Eternal Melbourne Central by DTas • Deployed: 28.10.2016 • Captures: 2810 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
    Green Flag • Deployed: 12.12.2015 • Captures: 13336-340 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
    Green Flag • Deployed: 12.12.2015 • Captures: 26179 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    New flags every second – all over the world! #capturetheflag #flagstack

    The upcoming 3 events:

    26.06.2019 13:30 Innsbruck asp_fan_cb 2
    27.06.2019 20:00 Nordkap Boersentrader 2
    29.06.2019 08:00 Altenstadt erebos82 1

    Looking for new adventures? Do something different then! #flagstack

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    You have only deployed single flags? Then create a whole route – ideally one, which is not very easy to complete. This does not give as many capture-on points as a series of flags along the main roads, but it does create much more fun!

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    FLAGSTACK works regularly with companies, tourism associations and tailor-made regional tours, for example: the SALT TOUR in Magdeburg (DE) or the Path of Democracy through the former government district in Bonn (DE). How about a commercial tour?

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