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You have never been that close!

Would you like to get to know your game from a whole new angle? Do you want to play ad free and make very special captures that we have developed specifically for those of you who regularly support us? Then upgrade to a premium membership now!





Are you ready for the next step? Then become a Premium Member!

Help us make the game even better: as a tester, impulse generator, gamer and designer

From players for players

We have developed FLAGSTACK because the game we wanted just did not exist. Flag for flag and feature for feature, we have put our ideas into action and made a crazy game from a crazy dream – a game that challenges us again and again. A game that is growing and exciting, also because of the great ideas that come from the community. We want to take this into account and invite you to play an active role in the future.

Go Premium – and secure you many benefits!

As a premium member you are one of our most faithful supporters. That is why we now invite all FLAGSTACK players with a premium membership to play an active part in shaping the future of the game.

  • As a premium member you can try out new features – even before the general rollout
  • You are our first contact when it comes to getting feedback from the community
  • All premium members are actively involved in the design of the game and are the impetus for the development of new flags, tours and badges

In order for real input of players of all levels and experience levels to be included, you can participate through your personal commitment. In addition, all known premium advantages are available:

  • Exclusive flags and items: Collect special flags and items that we have developed exclusively for our premium members
  • Comprehensive statistics: Compare yourself to other players in the ranking lists
  • Double reward: Diligence is rewarded – with two extra flags during the day’s login
  • Map filter: Filter the flags visible on the map according to your wishes
  • Advertising: Turn off the advertising completely

Get out! Join us! CAPTURE THE FLAG! #flagstackpremium

You are a premium member? We are listening!

Does something not work as expected? Or maybe you have a good idea, how game, app or website could be more fun or improved? As a premium contributor, you can share your ideas,, suggestions and wishes here directly to us. We say thank you in advance for your feedback!

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